WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Ten days after police posted him on Manhunt Monday with a $500 reward, a 60-year-old man wanted for continuous sexual assault of a child beginning at around age 5, is in custody.

Willis Wellman was booked into Wichita County Jail Thursday, on a $500,000 bond. His address is listed as Arlington.

This new charge came after an investigator at the Wichita County District Attorney’s office reviewed a report and determined charges were warranted for continuous sexual assault.

Three counts of sexual assault had previously been filed against Wellman in 2016 and 2017, and his case has slowly been moving forward, with a trial on the first cases now set for next August.

The state announced it was ready for trial in March of 2017.

The victim filed a report of sexual assault with police in 2014 when she was 16.

During a forensic interview, she disclosed she had been sexually assaulted by her adopted father, Wellman, beginning at around age 5 up until she finally reported the assaults.

The victim said they began when they were living in Jack County when he would molest her. She said he began by pretending to be playing with her but would grab her private areas.

The victim said they moved to Iowa Park in 2009 where the molesting continued and he also began assaulting her. She said the last sexual assault occurred in 2014 when they were living in Wichita Falls.

Wellman was arrested in 2016 and released a few days later on $250,000 bond. In addition to sexual assault, he was also charged with resisting arrest.