WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who was placed on probation last July for causing his two young children to test positive for meth, was back in jail Wednesday for allegedly using meth and running from a deputy in November.

Tobey Keen, 31, is on 3 years probation for two counts of child endangerment.

He and the mother were both given probation after authorities say their 7 and 9-year-old children tested positive in 2020 after CPS reported both parents had tested positive for meth.

In November, Keen was arrested by a Wichita County deputy who had stopped to check a vehicle believed connected to trailer thefts in Montague County.

The deputy said he was trying to detain Keen for questioning when Keen kept trying to reach into a pocket, then pulled away and took off running. The deputy found Keen and said a search of his flight path uncovered a baggie with a white powder residue.

Besides that charge, prosecutors also listed numerous other violations of his probation terms, including admitting to using meth and associating with persons of harmful character–the suspect wanted for thefts of trailers.