WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A Waurika man who got probation in January is already back in jail after police say he broke into a pickup at the Oyo Hotel on 8th Street and hid the stolen items in his room there.

According to records, Cody Weaver is charged with theft over $2,500 and also is being held on a warrant for a burglary on Feb. 22 in Comanche County and four warrants from Jefferson County including escape and concealing stolen property.

Wichita County Jail booking

He was given 61 days in jail in January for evading arrest in Wichita County and five years probation for unlawful possession of a firearm.

On Thursday, Wichita Falls police say two men staying at the Oyo Hotel said their pickup had been broken into overnight and their tools and a suitcase were taken.

Police say the hotel owner allowed them to view parking lot security camera footage and it showed a white male coming out of a room around 2 a.m. Thursday morning, put a black hoodie and a mask over his face, and walk toward the pickup while turning his head and looking all around the area.

They say he used bolt cutters to snap the locks on the toolbox in the pickup bed then jumped into the bed and took numerous items out. While taking items, police say he continued to look around to see if anyone was watching him then he walked back into the same hotel room.

The hotel owner said the occupant of that room was a woman. Police went and knocked on the room door and said they could hear a man and woman talking inside and they knocked again. A woman came to the door and when asked if anyone else was in the room, she said no.

Police say they could see a pair of bolt cutters, tool bags and a suitcase along the wall.

Then a man walked out of the bathroom and said he was Cody Weaver and he admitted taking the items from the truck.

A search of the room also turned up a rifle. A total value of items taken from the pickup was $2,845 so the charge is theft over $2,500, not burglary of a vehicle.