WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A repeat burglary suspect who got out of jail last Friday on his last burglary charge is back in jail again on his newest burglary charge.

51-year-old Raymond North has piled up more than a dozen charges since January: 8 burglaries, 1 attempted burglary, 2 thefts, 1 credit card abuse, and a failure to appear.

North’s most recent arrests before Tuesday’s were on June 13, July 12 and then September 8.

On Tuesday morning, September 21, a Wichita County deputy spotted a 2001 Honda pulling in between two houses near Jefferson and Martin Luther King Boulevard. The deputy drove down the street and pulled over to watch what the driver did.

A few minutes later the car pulled out, and the deputy stopped it.

He recognized the driver from previous arrests as Raymond North. The deputy said North told him he should not have any warrants since he had just gotten out of jail, but he found that North did have a warrant for aggravated assault of an officer in Cotton County.

The deputy also saw a tool bag and box on the floorboard. The deputy said the items matched those he had seen in a theft report just 30 minutes prior to stopping North.

The property owner was contacted and identified the items as his.

North’s other arrest this month was connected to the theft of a catalytic converter off a 2001 Honda on Roosevelt.

In July, he got his eighth burglary charge this year for the alleged theft of $8,000 worth of hair extensions from a shop on May 17.

North was arrested four times last year in a three-month span.

One was for allegedly breaking into the safe of a man who was dying in the hospital.