A chase and manhunt suspect is now charged while in the Clay County Jail.

20-year-old Douglas Osmar Guevara-Medrano faces five counts of criminal mischief, evading arrest detention with a motor vehicle, theft, failure to id fugitive intent give false info, and bond forfeiture-fail to identify giving false/fictitious information.


Residents east of Vashti are thankful for multiple law enforcement agencies after a police chase turned manhunt lead to one man in custody.

Around noon Monday, authorities began chasing a red and black Mustang on U.S. 287 in Montague County. Investigators believe the man drove to Old Vashti and 4 Wire Road and ran on foot into a wooded area. Wesley Stell was at home when he saw a Facebook post about the incident being near his parents home so he rushed to help.

“When I arrived on the scene there were two patrol vehicles at the gate of my parent’s house,” Stell said. “I drew them a diagram of the house and I also gave them a list of firearms that my father has in his possession. At that time officers asked me to vacate the area and come back up the road.”

Texas Game Warden David Pellizzari said when they arrive at a potential manhunt situation, they make sure first to secure the area.

“Our biggest thing is we want to secure a good perimeter and try to get them boxed in where nobody can get out,” Pellizzari said. “Then bring in different assets like the helicopter, K9s, and we actually deployed our drone before the helicopter got on scene.”

After a little more than two hours since arriving on the scene, the Game Warden’s were able to locate the suspect.

“We located the vehicle with the helicopter and then one of our K9s did a sense specific track on some stuff they found in the vehicle and we followed a K9 track a pretty good ways,” Pellizzari said.

Thanks to all of the hard working law enforcement agencies, residents like Stell’s parents can rest easy.