WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Spring is almost here! With it, comes warmer weather and opportunities for new businesses to get you ready for it.

“Me and my coworkers were sitting down at work, [talking], with coffee, and I was like, ‘you know we should open a Mexican coffee shop,” Brewnita Cafe owner Amanda Luevano said.

For Luevano, the March Into Spring Pop-up Shop gave her a head start!

“This is our first pop-up, I was like I just want to have something small. This is a whole different concept here in Wichita Falls. I see a lot of this type of stuff in Dallas, like the Dallas area, California, I look at a lot of people’s Instagrams, TikToks and stuff like that and that’s when I was like, oh we need something like that in Wichita,” Luevano said.

With flavors on the menu, including Gansito, mazapan, bombita fresa, and cajeta, topped with a concha (Mexican sweet bread), Luevano brings a twist for coffee lovers with a Hispanic twist.

Organizers Sabrina Mello and Erika Espinoza said they were happy to give people their start by letting them set up for the first time.

“We know a lot of them that don’t want to go out and do the events at other places and so since they know us more they felt more comfortable doing it today,” Mello said.

“I hope that they take the whole experience in wanting to do this again and it gives them that push to continue doing what they are doing and expand their business,” Espinoza said.

From sweets to clothes, Scentsy and coffee, there was plenty for people to shop for.

“Everyone has been telling us that it’s been going so good. They’ve been selling a lot and they want us to continue doing stuff like this so we’re hoping we can,” Mello said.

Having pop-ups to bring new and current businesses together.

“I feel like doing a lot of these pop-ups will get the word out more eventually. A lot of people are asking me like, do you have a spot, like, I never heard of this, and I’m like, oh no like literally we just started two days ago. This is our first thing,” Luevano said.

Helping local businesses grow in the community.

Luevano hopes to open a shop of her own someday but you can follow her Facebook page to see the next pop-up she attends.

Mello and Espinoza plan to hold another pop-up sometime this year, click here to reach out to them if you are interested in being a vendor in the future.