WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The November election is fast approaching, and there are four candidates running for the position of mayor.

The community knows our candidates as politicians, but do you know them as people?

Tim Short hails from Shallow Water, Texas. He attended Texas Tech, and his roomates all hailed from various parts of Texoma.

When Tim had the opportunity to come to State Farm in Wichita Falls, he jumped on it.

“When I had the opportunity to be able to come here through State Farm, we jumped on it because we already had their relationships with those guys that I’ve gone to school with a long time ago,” Short said.

Before State Farm, Tim dabbled in sports reporting at Texas Tech. He later learned sports reporting was fun, but not a passion of his.

Initially, he wanted to work as a Department of Public Safety agent, but after getting engaged to his wife, he decided to take a safer job in insurance sales.

Tim is a first-generation college graduate and credits his father with his graduation.

“Biggest inspiration is my father; always has been,” Short said. “He was – he didn’t graduate high school. Got out of school when he was 17, in Tahoka, Texas, and went straight to the Navy in 1951. He got his G.E.D. later, but he was a hurricane hunter in the navy for 20 years before he retired there in 1971. So he inspired me to never quit, to always do more than you think you can, and that’s how I was the first one of my family that ever graduated from college – because of him.”

In his spare time, Tim loves to bust out his grill and smoker. He confidently stated that despite 22 years of barbecueing, he continues the adventure for the perfect brisket.

“My favorite thing to grill is- are the appetizers or the jalapeño poppers or just about anything with a jalapeño in it,” Short said. “If I can wrap it in bacon, that’s my favorite thing.”

Additionally, Tim is deeply involved with the Meals on Wheels delivery program. He has completed the same route for the past 13 years.

He loves participating in this and seeing those familiar faces.

“I get so passionate about Meals on Wheels in the first place because you could see, and hopefully you’ve seen when you’ve gone with me, how much that means to to these folks when you’re you’re their, maybe their only contact for that entire day or that entire week depending on their food schedule.”

As shown through his work with Meals on Wheels, Tim emphasized that he loves this community and is passionate about making it a better place.

Don’t forget that you can submit questions for our Mayoral Debate by emailing debate@kfdx.com by Monday, October 16. The debate will air on KFDX on Thursday, October 19, from 6 to 7 p.m. and on KJTL from 10 to 11 p.m.