WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For more than 50 years, folks with Meals on Wheels of Wichita Falls have been a vital piece in the lives of so many senior citizens who don’t have the means to leave to buy groceries or aren’t healthy enough to cook themselves a meal every day.

While several businesses shut down Tuesday due to the weather, Meals on Wheels volunteers were out in full force making sure the clients in Wichita County are taken care of.

When you think of the company Service Master, you think of flood or smoke damage because they’re the guys that come in and clean up after major damage has been done. Well Tuesday, a few staff members were providing a different kind of service.

Houston Wood with Service Master spent the morning doing what he hopes anyone else would do especially if he were in the client’s situation.

“It’s the good thing to do, not more I could really say on that. It’s the Christ-like thing to do and it’s the godly thing to do. Overall, it’s just a good deed to help another man,” Wood said.

Although volunteers were able to deliver today, CEO of The Kitchen of Wichita Falls, Jackie Hamm said they took precautions just in case.

“We did deliver extra meals yesterday in case we weren’t able to come in today but when we saw that we were able to get a hot meal out we know how important it is to our clients, so we delivered that meal and then tomorrow if we have to use a meal that we delivered previously, then they have that ready,” Hamm said.

Hamm said not only are these clients getting a hot meal delivered, but they also get a welfare check as well.

“Meals on Wheels is so important to our clients. We may be the only people they see that day so that’s why on a day like this it’s so important that we get that hot nutrition to our clients,” Hamm said.

Hamm even said they were able to roll out their new truck to make sure even those in rural areas weren’t forgotten.

Hamm said they can always use donations as well as volunteers. If you’d like to be a part of helping those in need in our community click here.