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WICHITA FALLS, TX–Diet trends and intense workout routines may sound like the perfect way to ditch the flab before summer, but for most overweight Americans, the traditional ways of losing weight are ineffective and require a more medical approach.

More than 1,400 miles away in Washington D.C.. is nurse practitioner, Erika Gitchel. Through United Regional’s MediLoss Solutions program, Gitchel and others nurses like her give individualized weight loss plans for patients struggling with obesity, and offer solutions other than going under the knife. 

“We offer non-surgical options for people that want to do this without doing surgery but also people who can’t qualify maybe for surgery this would be a good option for them,” said Gitchel. “The state of obesity is extreme: well over the population is considered obese right now or overweight, so it’s a significant problem that we really need to try to get better control of, eating healthier, better nutrition to try and get some of this weight off.” 

According to Gitchel, there are many factors that set MediLoss apart from other weight loss programs: one being instant communication with medical practitioners through online resources. Gitchel says she’s able to continue seeing patients at United Regional through a program similar to Skype or Face time called Telemedicine. Through this, she can do monthly appointments with patients to keep track of their progress and keep up accountability. 

She says, “We have a Facebook page, they can ask questions on there, we have a Facebook group for our patients specifically so we can talk to them from there too.”

Even though she’s on the other side of the country, Gitchel works closely with other doctors in Wichita Falls like Dr. Chris Finnell. 

“We’ve been doing surgery together, we’ve been doing the clinic together and I help him see patients in the clinic and then we kind of started this little branch out to non surgical options to help people looking to do surgery and not looking to do surgery.”

Both Gitchel and Dr.. Finnell agree on another key aspect of MediLoss: the availability of FDA approved weight loss medicine. 

“There are several FDA approved medications for weight loss and we offer those…No we do evaluated patients to see if they would qualify for those medications,” said Dr. Finnell.  

Having a good bedside…or in this case…computer-side manner for MediLoss patients is perhaps the biggest factor of all. 

“We try to offer as much support as we can to everybody so that they know that we’re here for them and we go through the journey with them and it’s a process. Nobody’s perfect at this but we just continually work on it. 

To learn more and to sign up for MediLoss, click here

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