Meers Restaurant ordered to pay back wages and fines

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A federal judge has ordered the owners of the famous Meers Store and Restaurant outside the Wichita Mountains to pay up in a wage and child labor case.

When the complaint was originally filed in 2015, owner Joe Maranto told us paying the amount of back wages, overtime and child labor fines could force the store to close.

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma ordered the Marantos to pay $335,687 in back wages and penalties to 84 employees for violations of the minimum wage and overtime laws.

In addition, the court assessed a $42,190 fine for violation of child labor laws. Part of the wages and fines related to alleged use of table bussers who were minors and worked for tips alone.

We have a crew in Meers and hope to have the reaction of owners and customers later today.

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