WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Migel Matthew, who last week was found guilty of the murder of a four-year-old in a drunk driving crash, took the stand during the punishment phase of her trial on Monday, April 25.

Matthew faces five to 99 years, or life in prison for the murder conviction the district attorney opted for instead of a manslaughter charge.

Christian Redmond, the son of a friend, died in the one-vehicle rollover on Henry S. Grace Freeway in December 2019.

The prosecution called witnesses to show Matthew continue drinking heavily after being released on bond.
They also recalled the principal of Redmond’s and his siblings’ school who testified after Christian’s death, she took his siblings to Walmart to buy clothes for them to wear to his funeral. The four children were also in the car when it crashed.

The principal testified that during the shopping one of the children fell asleep in the shopping cart, then he suddenly woke suddenly and grabbed the sides of the cart and began screaming “Slow down, slow down!”

Testimony in the trial indicates Matthew was traveling more than 100 miles an hour before the crash.

When Matthew took the stand, she testified about growing up poor on an island in the Caribbean with no running water or indoor bathroom and being raped from age five to 16 and was beaten frequently and began drinking at age eight.

She said she continued drinking after the wreck partly because her boyfriend was beating her.

She said she was celebrating with drinks that day because she had been accepted for an internship with Adult Protective Services, and she felt normal because she has a high tolerance to alcohol.

She said she was in a hurry to pick up her daughter at High Point Village after picking up the other kids at school because she did not want her being alone there. She estimated she was going 80 to 85 mph on the curve, not 100 mph.

To add even more tragedy to the plight of the surviving children, their father faces trial for DWI with child passengers.

Police say Christopher Redmond was driving drunk last September with four kids ages three, seven, eight, and nine in a van and backed into another car twice.

The driver of the other vehicle said after backing into her, Redmond got on the roof of the van and started yelling while the kids in the van were crying.

Officers say the four children told them Redmond had been drinking and didn’t know what he was doing.

Redmond has a pretrial hearing set next month in his case.

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