UPDATE: August 17, 2021

The owners have been located, however, they are not going to travel to be reunited with their dogs. But officials with the Georgetown Animal Shelter say they are going to put Rocky and Bella up for adoption in hopes they find a forever home together.

WICHITA FALLS — Two dogs from Wichita Falls are hoping to soon be reunited with their family after they were mistakenly taken to an animal shelter near Austin.

Tuesday morning photos of the dogs were posted in the Facebook group, “Lost and Found Animals Wichita County” looking for the owners to come forward to claim the dogs.

In the post, an employee with the Georgetown Animal Shelter said two huskies from Wichita Falls ended up coming to their shelter. The Huskies, Rocky and Bella, are not fixed and didn’t have microchips. The post also stated they were wearing collars.

Officials with Georgetown Animal Shelter said they have sent a private message to the owner, but hadn’t heard back.

So how did the dogs get 275 miles away from home? The head administrator at the Georgetown Animal Shelters blames miscommunication.

It is believed the dogs were found by Georgetown residents in Wichita Falls who believed them to be abandoned and instead of dropping the dogs off at an area shelter, they took the dogs to their home shelter in Georgetown. The animal shelter’s administrator said the people who dropped off the dogs at the shelter thought they were doing the right thing.

Now, officials with the Georgetown Animal Shelter are focusing on getting the dogs to their rightful owner.