Misspelled and mislabeled signs fixed in Wichita Falls

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It’s a mistake that should have been caught but wasn’t. Now, some misspelled and mislabeled signs have been replaced.

Wichita Falls resident LeaAnn Almond has lived in the city for several years and likes to walk her dog at Loch Lomond Park. 

“It’s got a lot of fresh grass and it’s got some open areas where she can kind of enjoy running a bit,” said Almond.

But until recently, Loch Lomond Park also had its name misspelled. Instead of being spelled with a second ‘o,’ Lomond was spelled with an ‘a.’

“It was more when they had the tee-ball games, soccer games and things,” stated Almond. “When teams would come in from other areas, they’d ask ‘what street is that on?’ And then, they’d be driving down and say ‘that’s not the name of the park.’ But it is. They just had to have faith they were on the right road,” Almond pointed out.

The Loch Lomond Park sign wasn’t the only issue. A sign at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport was supposed to read ‘regional’ and instead read ‘municipal.’ Plus, the Resource Recovery Facility was labeled the ‘research’ facility. The order for those and many other brand new signs more than 1 and half million dollars.

City Traffic Director John Burrus says the company making the mistake owned up to the blunder and fixed the issues. He also says, after we broke the story, word traveled fast.

“I got a good friend in the Fort Worth area and he’s sitting there having a beer, eating a burger sitting in a sports bar. Up pops my ugly mug on the picture. This story made the news in Dallas-Fort Worth.
It must have been a slow news day there,” said a laughing Burrus.

Kidding aside, Burrus said as amusing as it might have been to some, Burrus said ‘There was no excuse there.’

And as for Almond, “Happy to have it corrected and happy to have the children in the area know their park is on their road now.”

Burrus also pointed out the check is in the process of getting to the company, since the signs have been corrected.

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