More charges discovered for a man while being booked for bonds revoked

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A 42-year-old Wichita Falls man who was being booked into jail after his bonds were revoked for drug charges has additional charges filed when officers find  7 credit and id cards for other people in his wallet, including several for his former roommate.

Shannon Lee Mitchell is charged with use of id information –more than 5 items,   manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

While booking Mitchell in jail, a deputy checked his wallet and says he found id information for three other people including id cards, social security cards, and debit cards. Three cards belonging to Mitchell’s former roommate were among those in his wallet.

When asked about all the cards, deputies say Mitchell told them he found one person’s cards on the ground and hadn’t gotten around to turning them in. But he said he had no idea how all the other cards got in his wallet.

The deputy remembered Mitchell’s roommate being booked into jail a couple of months ago for assaulting Mitchell.

The deputy said the roommate was disabled and had mental illness and was crying because he suspected his roommate was going to steal his id cards and money.

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