WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — In Wichita Falls, a second town hall meeting Thursday night, September 14, bolstered intense discussions about whether the City should pursue selling water to the green hydrogen power plant.

Opposed to the first meeting, this one included members from the powerplant that addressed the issues presented.

Additionally, Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce CEO Ron Kitchens voiced his stance for the first time. He noted that this deal would bring hundreds or thousands of jobs to Wichita Falls. He also noted opposing this idea would be irrational.

“We are telling the world our staff’s incompetent. We’re telling the world, ‘Do not negotiate with the City because you can’t trust them,'” Kitchens said. “Now, if that’s the world we want to live in, then no company’s ever going to trust us again to negotiate. We’re not getting more jobs because, well, we did, and this is the way every deal is negotiated.”

Kitchens went on to say that the community could be hurting itself by opposing the deal.

“Whether you liked it or not, that’s the rules of the game,” Kitchens said. “And so to attack and attack and attack, all you’re doing is telling people, ‘We don’t want more jobs in this community, and we don’t trust our government.'”

The City Council will vote and look to finalize this contract in the council meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.