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More details emerge in horrific child abuse case

WICHITA FALLS - The details of one of the most horrific child abuse cases ever alleged in Texoma were relived again in court Monday, Aug. 14, as the two defendants prepare to go to trial or plea.

Sara Woody of Burkburnett faces more than two dozen counts of child abuse of her step-children.

Woody's husband, Jonathan faces charges, and according to a court filing he has agreed to testify in the Sara Woody trial.

There will be no plea agreement, but the state will take his testimony into account when considering his charges.

Monday's hearing was in advance of Sara Woody's trial next week. It's main purpose was whether to allow one of the three children to testify in another room by Close Circuit TV, because prosecution witnesses said he's terrified of his stepmother and would suffer further traumatic stress. That request was granted.

But, in providing testimony on why it would be so traumatic, state's witnesses brought out the details of the alleged abuse again, and agreed no child could make up such details of abuse, with details consistent among all three.

Besides previously revealed allegations that included hitting their tongues with a spoon, making them lick toilet bowls, and hitting their genitals repeatedly. More details came in a recent court filing of intent to introduce victims' hearsay statements.

Much of the abuse was allegedly done as punishment for alleged lies, stealing food when they got hungry, and even what they say Sara Woody called committing adultery by walking into her room without knocking.

The statements the children gave  alleged they had vinegar and cayenne pepper solutions poured down their throats with a funnel, the bottom of their tongues were burned with a fireplace lighter, and if they tried to blow it out the time of the punishment was extended, having their genitals struck repeatedly with a tent pole if they wet the bed, being locked in a dark closet for hours with a bucket to use the bathroom in and being locked in a room for two weeks.

This hearing will continue Friday, and Sara Woody's trial is set for Monday.

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