More information has come to light on a reported home invasion and shooting last week in Vernon.

Antonio King, 23, remains in the Wichita County jail on a $125,000 bond.

Vernon police said he was arrested after being treated for gunshot wounds at United Regional in Wichita Falls and was charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony.

According to police, King claimed he’d been shot by an unknown person while standing outside the Arbors Apartments in Vernon on Sept. 12.

He said he was there looking for a woman who was going to sell him marijuana; however police said the resident who lived in the apartment that was broken in to gave a different version of the story, that was backed up by evidence at the crime scene. 

The resident said someone knocked on his door and when he went to check, a black male kicked the door in.

He said the intruder immediately began hitting him in the head with his fists, then with a black object, which he soon realized was a handgun. 

He then grabbed the handgun and was able to squeeze the trigger and fire one round upward, and the man let go of the gun and him.

He said he then aimed at the assailant’s midsection and fired again the man crawled down the hallway afterward.

Police said  King suffered wounds to a finger,  upper left arm and lower abdomen, and blood spatter and a blood trail supported the resident’s story.  

They say there was a broken window in the bedroom where King apparently exited the apartment and went to the emergency room in Vernon, possibly with the aid of an accomplice.

King has convictions for thefts, burglary and evading arrest.