More local surgeons on board to perform robotic-assisted hernia repair procedures

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Robotic technology brought to United Regional in 2010 is now helping more local surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures, curing one patient at a time. 

In fact, they’re getting even more surgeons on board who are educated in robotic procedures, even for hernia repair surgery.

From gynecology, ENT and urology, some surgeons at United Regional are already trained to perform robotic-assisted procedures. Soon enough hernia patients here won’t have to go far to undergo these types of procedures.

Chillicothe resident Patricia Rich recently underwent hernia repair surgery at United Regional.

“You did not hurt and you were ready to wake up, as soon as you come out of surgery,” Rich said. 

For the first time since the procedure, Rich got to take a look at the device that assisted her surgeon months ago.

“The technology amazed me I had no idea until today that I got to see the machine,” Rich said.

Back in August, Doctor Chris Finnel was the first to perform robotic-assisted hernia repair surgery in Wichita Falls.

“You can just see really well, you can see individual blood vessels and it just makes certain things a lot easier,” Finnel said.

He says with so many positive results from patients, they’re bringing more local doctors on board. 

“It’ll just be nice to have other people in town who are doing it and to be able to offer that to the community and to our patients,” Finnel said.

“I gave it a shot and I was like, I am impressed and I recovered really really fast.” It’s a benefit for patients like Gregory Lillis, who’s had three traditional hernia surgeries throughout his life.

Lillis says the fourth hernia repair procedure in December produced less pain and required less time to heal.

“The difference in all of the procedures was– I was actually up and walking the same day of the surgery. Getting in and out of the hospital in six hours,” Lillis said.

Finnel says the pros of robotic assisted surgery also include shorter hospital stays and less risk of scars and infections. Two more doctors were trained on the robotic hernia procedure just this week.

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