More prairie dogs captured at Kiwanis Park

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In February, we learned that a new prairie dog containment was being built for the prairie dogs living at Kiwanis Park.
After the original park from the 70’s was found to be decaying, the goal of new park was to provide more natural resources for the prairie dogs, plus keep as many contained as possible.

“It just got out of hand,” said Lynda Watson of P.M.S. Recycled Vermin
Watson, who’s leading the capture of the prairie dogs, has been doing jobs like this for 35 years.
Licensed to do the job, Watson said one person isn’t to blame for the prairie dog problem, instead it was combination of issues.

“What happened before is that the prairie dogs escaped, nobody had a plan, they didn’t know what was possible, what was legal or how much funding it would take to address this issue,” pointed out Watson.

The plan in place now is Watson sends soapy water into the holes, causing the prairie dogs to run up and out. And it’s effective. During Watson’s last trip in June, she caught 215 prairie dogs.
Watson believes it’s the best way of doing it, keeping the dogs’ health in mind. 

Herbert Sigler, who lives near Kiwanis Park, said he’s seen several dogs coming through his backyard.
He’s glad something’s being done and will leave it to the experts.

“I don’t chase them away.I stay away. I’m scared about going near them. They’re small, but they can be vicious,” Sigler stated.

“If one of those dogs has bubonic plague and I locked it in a plastic box with your infant child, there is no way that child can get plague from a prairie dog, unless that prairie dogs has fleas,” Watson explained.
Watson and her team sprays the captured dogs right after they are removed from the ground.

While it’s possible some dogs may try to escape from the enclosure in the future, Watson suspects they’ve probably learned to stay put at least for now. 

While our crew was out with Watson, we saw her catch at least three. Again, she captured 215 last time. She and her crew were still out catching prairie dogs at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The captured prairie dogs will go to Lubbock with Watson, see a veterinarian and then be released in an appropriate environment.

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