More renovations underway at Boys and Girls Club central location

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In 2018 kids at the oldest Boys and Girls Club in Wichita Falls got a new gym to play in and now the second phase of renovations are nearing completion.

Cara Sauceda recalls the times she spent at the Boys and Girls Club as a child.

“I was probably about 11-years-old in the early nineties, it was my first experience at a Boys and girls Club,” B&G Club Director of Programs Cara Sauceda said. “I remember having to walk real slow through the concrete floors to make sure you didn’t bust yourself.”

And even then, the club was showing its age. 

The same slippery floors are there now, but soon they too will get a makeover. 

“Just watching the renovations that are going and seeing how it’s going to get the uplift that these kids deserve is exciting,” Sauceda said.

“We have taken old lockers that set along here across here on a raised concrete bed, we have removed them totally, we’re gonna open this structure up,” B&G Club Executive Director Randy Cooper said.

And now after 70 years the old lockers, slippery floors, and dull lights are being replaced, but that is not all.

“In the two locker rooms we’re talking about the sinks, we’re talking about the faucets there, we’re talking about the shower areas. We have some things that certainly have to comply with code but also has to be ADA compliant.” Cooper said.

“Puting in the non-slip floors is probably my favorite part,” Sauceda said. “I just love that we’re gonna reduce that risk and we’re gonna reduce the possibility of our kids getting injured.”

These renovations started in December and should be completed by late March or early April.

The renovations will cost at least $200,000 and they, as well as the $100,000 for the renovation to the gym in 2018, are all paid for by generous donors.

To follow the renovation updates, follow this link.

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