More than nine pounds of crystal meth off the streets

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Wichita County and Wichita Falls law enforcement say a significant amount of meth is off the street tonight following a recent drug bust.

43-year-old Cedric Gray and Jeffrey Byrd were arrested in the investigation where police, FBI and District Attorney’s office were involved.

They say Gray had been cooperating with an FBI agent and officers when agents received a tip about a possible major drug deal involving 10 pounds of meth. That investigation led to hotels and other suspects, one of whom said 10 pounds of meth had been driven here from Arizona and taken to a hotel where Gray had picked up one pound.

This was the day before the reported interview with the FBI agent and police. They say Gray initially denied picking up meth but then admitted he had not been truthful and told them where some of the meth was in a hotel room.

Officers say almost 7 pounds of meth was found there. The Wichita Falls police department, the Wichita County DA’s office, and the sheriff’s office held a press conference to discuss the arrests, one they call one of the largest busts in recent years

They say 9 lbs 3 oz of crystal methamphetamine was taken during this case.

“This stuff, in particular, is coming from a state west of here but it’s all coming out of Mexico. It’s all cartel made methamphetamine and it’s cheaper than going to the old style of methamphetamine,” Wichita County Sheriff David Duke.

Police say they are still looking for suspects in this case, so if you have any more information on this crime or any other crime you can call Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

Cedric Gray has a long criminal record in Wichita Falls.     Gray, also known as C-Nyle the rapper, was last arrested in April after a traffic stop allegedly turned up narcotics.

Other arrests date back more than a decade.  In 2006 local stores pulled his rap cd off shelves after complaints about the lyrics threatening lives of officers. Last spring he asked  for donations to a go fund me page, saying he was changing his  past poor choices to raise money for his music career.

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