WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman made her 16-year-old daughter take Xanax pills, so she could submit the girl’s urine as her own to hide her marijuana use, which would have prevented the mother from getting more Xanax prescriptions.

That’s according to charges filed after CPS and police investigations.

Rachel Humphrey is charged with the delivery of a controlled substance to a child. She is now released on a $20,000 bond.

Rachel Humphrey Wichita County Jail booking photo

A district attorney’s investigator filed the charge after receiving information from a Texas Ranger and an investigative report completed by a CPS caseworker.

The girl told the caseworker her mother takes Xanax for her bipolar diagnosis but smokes marijuana recreationally, and her doctor would not prescribe more Xanax if marijuana shows up in her urine tests.

She said her mother had her take Xanax pills then pee in a cup, so Humphrey could use it for her urine samples. She said she had done this three times in the past.

The investigator said Humphrey admitted to the CPS caseworker that she smokes marijuana and that on September 7 she did tell her daughter to take a Xanax pill and on September 9 she texted her to take two more later.

Humphrey said she was going to submit her daughter’s urine as her own at the doctor’s office because the doctor told her if she tested positive for marijuana again, he would not fill her prescriptions.

In the second interview with Humphrey, the investigator said Humphrey admitted giving the girl one Xanax tablet on September 7 so she could use her urine to pass the test and had told her to take another when she got home and another before she went to bed. But she said she would not have actually made the girl take the other two pills.

When asked about her daughter’s claim she had made her do this in the past, the investigator said Humphrey denied giving her Xanax other times but did admit other incidents of having her urinate into a cup for her drug tests.