WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls mother is jailed on a $75,000 bond after a boy’s bruises prompted his teacher to alert authorities.

Laura Moran was booked into jail Wednesday, December 22, and charged with injury to a child.

The investigation by police and Child Protective Services began on November 18.

The principal of the boy’s school said his teacher came to her to report suspicious injuries.

The teacher said she had asked the boy what happened, and he told her he fell from a tree. The teacher did not believe all the injuries could have resulted from a fall and asked him again and said he finally told her his mother got mad at him for back-talking his dad and punched him several times.

Police said the boy had bruises and injuries all over his face and a swollen nose and lip.

They said the boy told them his mother hit him about 10 times in the nose and while hitting him, she called him a “tonto nino feo” (stupid, ugly boy) and other rude names.

When his nose began bleeding, he said she told him to go in the bathroom and clean up, and when he dripped blood on the floor, he said she got mad and hit him in the face again.

He said he didn’t tell the truth at first because his mother warned him not to say what really happened, and if he did, he would be sent far away.

Detectives met with the suspect, and she agreed to answer questions. They said at first she said her husband had been cutting limbs from a tree, and a branch hit the boy in the face.