WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The mother of an 11-year-old boy whose bruised and cut body was found hidden in an abandoned car in Wichita Falls last year is now indicted for his murder.

Stormy Johnson was returned to Wichita Falls in August from Nevada. Her bond is $1 million for murder and $250,000 for tampering with evidence.

Wichita County Jail

Her former boyfriend, Corey Trumbull is charged with capital murder but is still in Nevada serving a prison term on other charges.

Logan Cline’s body was found underneath clothing in the back seat of the car.

Police said after Johnson’s and Trumbull’s arrest in Las Vegas, Logan’s sister gave horrific details of Logan’s torture and sexual abuse by the couple as they traveled from motel to motel.

She said abuse of her brother included use of hands, feet, a club and a knife. She said sexual abuse of her brother also involved bestiality on several occasions.

She said the boy suffered a broken nose on more than one occasion and his body was bruised from head to toe.

Wichita Falls Police said at no time did Johnson try to prevent the abuse or seek medical help.

On the night Logan died, the sister said he was beaten with a belt, a stick and hands and he began to have seizures.

She said Trumbull and Johnson tried to feed him soup, but he began coughing up blood. Trumbull felt for a pulse and began performing CPR, then he said the boy was gone, according to the sister.

She said Trumbull put the body in the bathtub, and he and Johnson put ice in it until they could move it.

Later, she said they put in in the abandoned car, and they left town.