WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman whose toddler was found in a diaper wandering near a street and crying for his mother pleads guilty to child endangerment Tuesday.

According to records, Amber Ralls, 28, was placed on 4 years deferred probation by 78th District Judge Meredith Kennedy.

Wichita County Jail booking

Ralls was arrested last May when she returned to her home on Wedgewood Drive, south of Lucy Park, after police tracked her down.

The unattended child was reported by a resident and police found him crying for his mother and wearing only a diaper, walking near the street. The toddler could not give police his name, but when asked where he lived, he pointed to a house.

Police said there was no response when they knocked on the door, but they said they found a large pit bull inside the residence.

Ralls’ sister told police she had heard they were at Ralls’ house, and she put them in contact with Ralls on the phone. Officers said Ralls told them she had gotten a baby-sitter for her son on Facebook, but the sitter must have left.

When Ralls arrived home police said she admitted she had “forgotten” her son was home and left him alone, but she said she was only gone for 30 or 40 minutes at most.

But police said a video camera on a neighbor’s home showed the boy was outside for an hour and a half before being reported by the neighbor.