WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A mother of five children has been arrested and charged with failing to protect them or report abuse by their father, which included shooting some of them with BB pellets and using a taser as “discipline.”

Ana Cruz-Trejo is jailed for 10 counts of abuse, with a total of $150,000 bonds.

Police said Cruz-Trejo was aware of the abuse and did not intervene to stop it.

Cruz-Trejo also told police she was not afraid of the father at all, and if he ever did anything to her, she would make him regret it.

The father, Jacob Lopez, was arrested in March and is jailed on $260,000 bonds.

Wichita Falls police and CPS investigators said Lopez shot some of his children numerous times with BBs and tased them.

The children, three girls and two boys, are all eight or younger.

Police officers found red circular marks on two of the boys.

Authorities said the five-year-old had a large number of small round wounds all over his body.

The eight-year-old told police that all her brothers and sisters had been shot with BB’s numerous times, and their grandmother and other family members also told police the marks came from being shot with a BB gun.

The five-year-old also had an open sore inside his lip and the grandmother told officers Lopez had gotten angry with him and punched him as a form of discipline.

The children’s mother told officers the father had purchased the BB gun to help with pest control, then began to use it to discipline the children.

Officers said Lopez first denied the accusations but later admitted to hitting the boy in the mouth and to shooting his kids with BB’s.

The eight-year-old also told them their father had also used a taser on all five children.