Mother shoplifts while a child is left unattended in a vehicle

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Wichita Falls police arrest a woman they say left a child in the car with marijuana and beer inside while she was shoplifting.

Yesterday at around 3:20 pm, officers were called to Burlington Coat Factory about a child left in a vehicle. When they arrived, police say the car window was rolled down, and there was a child asleep and sweating inside.

They say about 20 minutes later, the mother, 37-year-old Bobi Roberts came out of the store claiming that she was sick and had to go inside to use the bathroom. They say as officers searched the vehicle, they could smell marijuana and found a beer can with beer still inside that was within arms reach of the child. Police also found a marijuana cigarette in the backseat passenger door.

Police arrested Roberts and booked her in the county jail, where they say they found a pair of child’s shorts with a Burlington tag still attached.

Burlington loss prevention was contacted, and they say she was seen on cameras stuffing items down her pants.

Roberts was charged with abandoning and endangering a child, theft with prior convictions and parole violation.

Her bonds have not been set yet.

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