WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Going to the dentist is never really a fun experience but these students at Midwestern State made their little patients ages four through 12 as comfortable as possible.

“We’re doing a, it’s like a benefit as in to “Give Kids a Smile” day is what it’s called and it’s where kids can come from ages four through 12 to get a free dental cleaning so we offer x-rays and other things like that,” senior dental student Veronica Thorton said.

Not to mention completely free of charge. Thornton said examining kids at this age can have multiple benefits.

“That’s also why we like to give these cleanings for free because oral health is also a telltale sign to your overall health and also we like to meet with them as early as possible so that we can give the parents the right idea of how to prevent cavities on things that they don’t even think about,” Thorton said.

Thornton said not only are the families benefitting from this service but the students as well.

“We’re seniors, and we have to have a certain amount of patients, children patients in order to graduate so that also helps us to be able to see as many kids and bring in more because we have a lot of patients that come here but most of them are older,” Thorton said.

She said working on these kiddos can also help prepare students looking to work in a different field.

“So some of us are thinking about going into pediatrics, and so that would give them more of an idea of how it’s going to be because it’s a lot more fast-paced, and it’s just a bit different than cleaning an adult,” Thorton said.

Training for the future, on our future generation.

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