MSU opens campus in Flower Mound

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The new Flower Mound campus is the culmination of years of work between both Midwestern State University and North Central Texas College to expand higher education opportunities.

The partnership between MSU and NCTC on a Flower Mound campus is now official. The idea got off the ground about two and a half and years ago, and then the process moved quickly.

 “Those folks meant it. Midwestern and Dr. Shipley and her wonderful team,” said Emily Klement, the associate chancellor for external relations at NCTC. “Keith has been instrumental in all of this and I can’t think of a better model anywhere in the united states, but especially in North Texas, to have these two colleges work together.”

The classes at the flower mound campus will be tailored to the nontraditional student.

 “This is for adults who are working in this area who want to complete a degree,” said Dr. Suzanna Shipley, president of MSU. “A very different type of student than you see in Wichita Falls, a traditional residential student. So, we are creating those degrees for them and contributing to this area’s economic vitality.”

And those who were close to the project said the community has really rallied around the concept.

 “I’m an alum, so Midwestern is close to my heart and seeing all of these people coming out for us, it means a lot,” said Randy Canivel, Director for MSU Flower Mound. “It means their support, there behind us and what we want to do and accomplish. This is just great. I’m at a loss for words really.”

 “It’s amazing. In Wichita Falls we know each other, we see each other all the time and it’s so funny to walk into a room with strangers and have them interested in Midwestern State,” Dr. Shipley said.

University officials hope the campus will make its mark in the Metroplex.

“I would really like to see this building become like MSU is in Wichita Falls. Part of the community, a place of life-long learning, Canivel said. “Hopefully we will grow that in the years to come. I think there is a lot of good things that will happen to be in the center of Dallas/ft. Worth.”

“It goes at the heart of what we all want to do and that is help people lift up their lives through education,” Klement said. “There are a lot of people in this community around us who never would have had an opportunity to finish a bachelor’s degree without this partnership.”

But now they can do just that, and much closer to home.

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