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MSU student recounts the night she was drugged

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) - After some pregaming, Midwestern State University Student Paxton Wade and her friend, Kenna Brackeen, joined friends for a night out.

"I remember every single thing, everything that came out of my mouth, every single action I did, up until I was in the club," Wade, who was given a date rape drug, said. "While I am scooting through the crowd — I mean I am a little tipsy — trying not to bump into people, trip over my own self, I think they probably popped it in my drink and laid back and watched me."

Wade says within only 15 minutes everything started to change.

"I was dancing, I was taking Snapchats with everyone," Wade said. "We were looking over the balcony, like 'yeah great time, it's my friends birthday' and then all of a sudden I start to lose motor control."

Wade says the entire time she felt like she was talking in her head, but the words just wouldn't come out.

"I had no, zero, motor control whatsoever, could not move my legs, could not use my muscles, could not speak, however, I was there," Wade said. "I could hear them, I could hear Kenna grabbing me and being like, come on, come one, for the love of God, we gotta go."

Wade's dear friend, Brackeen, had been with her the entire night.

"She scared me to death," Brackeen said.

Brackeen says what was already a scary situation really terrified her when Wade's eyes rolled back in her head.

"As soon as I touched her she was like abnormally way too hot," Brackeen said.

From the time the ladies were dropped off until Brackeen got Wade home only 45 minutes had passed.

"Definitely have someone with you at all times, don't go anywhere by yourself," Brackeen said.

Wade says Brackeen is the only reason she is here today.

"I owe her my life, no literally, I owe her my life, because if you think about the possibilities that could have happened," Wade said.

Wade says it's those thoughts that encouraged her to take to social media and she hopes by sharing her story she will encourage others to speak up.



Wade also says two other girls were drugged at the same club the same night.

While it was off campus where Wade says something happened to her, she felt it was necessary to launch a public service announcement on the social medium and it was in the emergency room where it was detected Rohypnol was in her system.

Wade wants all to know this happens, not only at Midwestern State University but everywhere. Wade says she has already had people reach out from the university and other universities all across the country.

If you or someone you know becomes a victim there are resources out there. For Midwestern State University students, there are resources for reporting sexual misconduct as well as counseling services. Those who are not students can reach out to local law enforcement as well as national services for sexual assault survivors.

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