A Wichita Falls murder suspect gets three new charges tacked onto his previous murder and nine other charges.

20-year-old James Sherman green was picked up by U.S. Marshals in New Orleans last month and returned to Wichita County Monday.

His bonds now total more than $200,000. He is charged with the murder of 20- year old Clifton Carr in August at the Little Cesar’s on Seymour Highway.

The three new charges are deadly conduct because police say a woman and two young children were in Carrs vehicle when the shot was fired. Police say two adult women in the car fled the scene before they arrived.

Officers say on August 27th they found Carr bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. A witness told police a heavyset man with dreadlocks left the scene in a dark blue sedan. Police say the woman who was in Carr’s vehicle told them Carr went to that location to meet someone who wanted to buy drugs.

She said after Carr talked to the man in the blue car the other man came up to Carr’s window and said quote “this is fake.” She said Carr then began backing out  and that’s when the man pulled out a handgun and shot Carr

The vehicle continued backing up until it circled around and hit the restaurant. Carr was taken to United Regional where he had surgery but later died.