WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — There are at least four people charged in connection with the December stabbing death of Evan Aleman, and the injury of another man at O’Brien’s bar.

The fourth person, the brother of one of the murder suspects, has been charged with tampering with evidence in that case.

Carlos Soto, brother of murder defendant Jorge Soto, was booked in jail Sunday with two counts of tampering.

According to his arrest affidavit, Jorge told police he was knocked out during the brawl and did not assault anyone.

Police said he consented to a search of his house for evidence, and they found a brown Carhartt jacket like witnesses described one of the assailants wearing.

Police said both the jacket and pants next to it had stains appearing to be blood on them.

Witnesses picked out Jorge from screen shots of the fight as one of those involved.

Police later interviewed Jorge’s brother Carlos and said Carlos admitted he was at the bar with his brother and James Henderson but also denied being involved in the fatal fight.

Police said Henderson admitted having a knife and handing it off after the fight.

Another man sitting at the bar said when police arrived at the bar Carlos handed him a knife and told him to hide it.

That man, who apparently has not been charged, said he gave the knife back to Carlos after police let them leave the scene.

Police then re-interviewed Carlos Soto and said he admitted he lied in the first interview.

In Carlos’ new statement, he said Henderson gave him a knife when Henderson found out police were taking him in for questioning.

Carlos said he then handed off the knife to the other man at the bar, and that man gave it back to him later.

Sometime later, Carlos said he still had the knife in his truck when a police car came up behind him on River Road with its overhead lights flashing.

He said he threw the knife out through the passenger side window into a ditch.

Police said Carlos turned over his phone to them and analysis showed messages and call logs were erased, and Carlos admitted he had done a factory reset to erase all the messages about the bar fight.