NASA astronaut in training, featured in Netflix movie comes to Wichita Falls

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Always follow your dreams. That’s the advice of NASA’s youngest graduate of its advanced space academy.

Carson made a special appearance Saturday at the Kemp Center for the Arts as part of the Youth Art-Zeum interactive kid’s exhibit. Carson is the first person to attend all three NASA space camps in the world.

Known by call-sign “Blueberry,”  Carson is one of seven ambassadors chosen for Mars One: a mission to establish a human colony on Mars in 2030.    

She said she hopes she can inspire anyone who believes their dreams may seem impossible to achieve. 

“I know when I was three saying that I wanted to be an astronaut and go to mars that sounded absolutely insane and it actually turned out that the space program was working towards it and it has so many opportunities and you never really know so open your mind and if its what you wanna do then go for it,” Carson stated.

Carson is also featured in a movie titled “The Mars Generation” that can be seen on Netflix.

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