HENRIETTA (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s a letter written to their grandchildren 50 years ago.

“We tried to give them a little bit of what we were trying to accomplish with our children and what hopefully they would accomplish with their children,” Tawana Fleming said.

After finding out letters from the damaged time capsule were salvageable, Tawana Fleming was thrilled to receive them.

“And I know my husband would be too,” Fleming said.

Nat Fleming was part of the time capsule committee, writing a page letter to his grandkids. Though Tawana has his letter, it was scanned on PDF for people to read with one part saying, ‘We are trying and will continue to try to help them build a foundation of life.’

“That was the present with our children and they knew what we were trying to accomplish with them. Integrity and a good life,” Fleming said.

Tawana’s letter reads, ‘Nat and I were married on December 4, 1955. We have a good life together.’

As Nat and Tawana work to raise a second family through a letter.

“I think that they will be very interested in what we’re doing and that we tried to help them also in their upbringing. And I just hope that they will continue on with our legacy,” Fleming said.

As Clay County Judge Mike Campbell hints at another time capsule in November, Tawana’s eager to impact those in the next 50 years.

“Probably another letter, yeah. I think that would be appropriate,” Fleming said.

If you’d like to share a letter you received from the time capsule, send an email to djimenez@kfdx.com or call the newsroom at (940) 692-6273.