WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Having someone to look up to can make all the difference in a child’s life. They will remember that mentor and friend for years to come.

For National Mentoring Month, meet Treston Teague and Connor Haralson who are striking up a friendship that goes beyond just a trip to the bowling alley.

Treston and Connor like to compete. “I’m gonna whoop your butt in Fortnite,’ Connor said. The competitive side of these two is all in good fun though.

“We play board games,” Connor said. “I whooped him in Battleship,” Treston replied.

These two were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wichita County in July 2022.

Connor said he introduces Treston as his brother and that they could really be siblings.

Whether Connor is bowling a strike or having a gutter ball kind of day, he knows Treston is there for him.

“I get to hear about his life and what’s going on and pour into him where I can,” Treston said.

It’s not a one-way lane with this match as Connor and Treston both get a lot out of their time together and say others who join the program will too.

“They can meet new people, they can have fun, be themselves,” Connor said.

“I think it’s a great way to be able to interact with youth of the community and give back with just time and being able to, I mean the amount of joy that I get just hanging out with Connor,” Treston said. “I was helped out by a similar program when I was young, just having another adult that was consistent in my life, I always looked forward to those times.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters sponsors events each month and Treston and Connor have participated in a carnival and also a scavenger hunt.

“My favorite thing is he [Connor] does not lack for any type of confidence, he has a lot of spirit when it comes to everything that we do and really you’re [Connor is] very thoughtful in everything that we do,” Treston said. “You’re [Connor is] very focused on whatever it is that we’re doing.”

When it comes to video games, these two are not shy.

“My kids like to play games too so they’ll ask me every once in a while, ‘when are we gonna play Fortnite with Connor’?” Treston said.

“I just tell my mother to text him and say “oh we’re playing some Fornite, I will whoop your butt, I’m better than you,” Connor said.

While video games are fun, Connor has learned a lot from Treston, including this: “Be safe online kids,” he said.

Whether it’s bowling on a Saturday morning or finding a quick 15 minutes to get in a Fortnite game, your spare time could be a strike every time through BBBS of Wichita County.

The BBBS program asks Bigs and Littles to spend just four hours a month together. Find all the information you need to sign up, by clicking here.