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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— “In one 12 oz soda, you have about two and a half tablespoons of sugar.”

That is a lot of sugar, and it adds up. Three cokes in a day and you have enough sugar to fill up almost a half cup.

“I always say, if a diet worked, we’d only have one, we wouldn’t need 500,” URHCS Clinical Nutrition Manager of outpatient dietician Andrea Grassi said.

Fad diets and extreme weight loss methods only create a recipe for disaster.

That’s one reason why Grassi is promoting National Nutrition Month’s Personalize Your Plate theme.

“I really like this theme because everyone is so different, we’re all unique, we have different goals, different backgrounds, different tastes, we’re all from different cultures, so healthy eating is going to look different for everyone,” Grassi said.

It all comes down to portion control, really.

“You want about one to two cups of vegetables per meal, for protein, you’re looking at anywhere between 3 and five ounces depending on your body size, and then for whole grains, about one cup of whole grains per meal,” Grassi said. “A lot of times I find that people want to eliminate a certain food group because they feel like that’s a bad food, but all of the food groups provide different nutrients and so in order to make sure you don’t have any deficiencies you need to be including all of the food groups.

The ticket for produce is the deeper the color, the better for you. To avoid food boredom, switch up the fruits and vegetables.

“When you’re shopping, you want to try and shop the perimeter of the store, that’s where you’re going to find your produce, your fresh meat, your dairy, your eggs, you want to try and stay away from the middle aisles that’s where you’re going to find a lot of your pre-packaged, processed type foods that are really high in calories, fat, sodium, preservatives,” Grassi said.

There’s a time for cake or for something fried. But when you go out to eat, Grassi said to choose the same portion as what you’d eat at your own kitchen table.

“A lot of times you may eat light the whole day to eat a larger meal then and you want to try and avoid that,” Grassi said.

Another crucial part of nutrition is checking the label. Start with the serving size, then move on to transfat.

Trans fat is a man-made fat added to increase the shelf life and preserve the quality of food you want zero grams.

Then look at sodium, 8% or lower is the goal.

Finally, added sugars, less than 10% of daily value, 5 grams or less per serving is ideal.

“It’s actually very simple so healthy eating is not elaborate I would say, there’s not a whole lot of ingredients to add,” Grassi said.

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