Neighbors warn of possible city impersonator in Wichita Falls

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — “Stole all my jewelry, and, they just cleaned me out good,” Joyce Qualls said.

Unfortunately, that’s not all the 85-year-old said she had stolen from her home.

“They stole that big nice tv,” Qualls said.

Not just the expensive items either.

”They stole all my food out of my pantry, and they stole everything in my deep freeze, they stole my husband’s billfold that has nothing in it besides his military ID card,” Qualls said.

“To pick on the little old lady 85-years old, that ain’t right, that’s not right at all,” Joyce’s son Roy Pierce said.

After Joyce had the break-in about a month ago, the neighbors have been on alert, and they have noticed some things.

The same man, attempting to get into houses, offering “roofing services.”

Wearing a blue City of Wichita Falls shirt, claiming to be “with the city.”

After reaching out to the city, they confirmed nobody by the name given worked with the city and they do not go door to door.

They added they would not be on private property without prior authorization or permission from the property owners.

Pierce said they’ve had four or five occurrences, so as they wait on word back from the Wichita Falls Police Department.

All they can hope is it doesn’t happen again; like a close call just this past Friday, with the same man.

“I went into the kitchen to put some food up and I heard somebody in the living room and the door shut and I thought it was Rou coming back in here, And it was not,” Qualls said. “It was that man in here.”

“If he had got in here, he could’ve hurt her and hurt her bad,” Pierce said.

Matt Larsen’s grandpa lives in the area, so he does all he can to help keep Joyce and surrounding neighbors safe.

Larsen saw the man enter Joyce’s home, before spotting Larsen and fleeing back to his car.

While contacting the police, he was able to I.D. his car and license plate for police.

For now, he just wants to raise awareness so people can stay safe while they wait on word from WFPD.

“You don’t know who you are and you don’t know who they’re with and the city should be wanting to investigate who this person is, not just put it in a pile with a report number,” Larsen said.

Hoping to get the word out to avoid another situation like Joyce’s.

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