What if you could wake up every morning, have a bowl of cereal and play games all day? Well, a new downtown business is promising just that.

Many times as kids we dream up some great ideas that seem unattainable.

“When I was seven, I’ve always dreamed about having a house of my own with an arcade in it, eating cereal all day,” owner of Maniac’s Mansion Marcus McGee said.

And while he is all grown up, this local DJ is making his childhood dream, a reality.

“I wanted to make a place where everybody can come and feel like a kid again,” McGee said.

A place like Maniac’ s Mansion.

This is what Marcus McGee calls a home away from home for anyone who wants a break from “adulting”.

From Ms. Pac-man to the Star Wars Trilogy, even Dance Dance Revolution, If you have a kid or you are a kid at heart this may be the spot for you ’cause Maniac’s Mansion is promised to be a game changer

But also as important, a place for the kids.

“Kid friendly is actually coming from me being a family guy,” McGee said. “I have kids and I understand the whole aspect of kids wanting to be themselves.”

But it goes beyond arcade games and a full-service cereal bar.

“I wanted to give back to the community because I think we need this,” McGee said.

“Oh my god just come just come it’s gonna be awesome, you guys, this is for Y’all, 20 years in the making I want y’all to have fun,” McGee said.

It is McGee’s hope to bring a lot of fun, games, and laughter to the heart of Downtown Wichita Falls.

It’s located right next door to 8th Street Coffee House and is free to enter the mansion and just $7 for endless games.

There will be specials for students with IDs, military and more, for details, contact Maniac’s Mansion.

The ribbon cutting will be Friday, March 29 at 10 am then an extravaganza that same night at 6:00.