WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—After the recent departure of several businesses from Sikes Senter Mall, including its staple of decades, Dillard’s, Sikes has become a sought-after location for other businesses.

Owners of In the Mix Bakery, mother-daughter duo, Monica Veretto, and Abigail Cardona have been in business for nearly a year and recently moved about 5 weeks ago. They say foot traffic along with the helpful staff inside the mall are why they chose Sikes Senter to serve up some tasty treats.

For Abigail Cardona, baking is life, in fact, when she was a child she wanted to open up her own bakery, with her mom’s help this dream is now a reality.

“Abby started baking when she was eight she wanted to open up a cupcake business from the time she was eight and I kept telling her no until she was sixteen and then we finally agreed, we started as a cottage business,” Veretto said.

And nearly a year later, she now has moved into Sikes Senter offering a variety of sweet treats.

“We do cookies, cupcakes brownies fudge, and candy, but we also do drinks and refreshers and snacks and sandwiches and stuff like that,” Veretto said.

And so far business has been booming, something that Veretto attributes to the new move into the mall.

“They’ve always been amazing the community has always been great we love Wichita Falls they’ve always been really supportive of our business and since we opened here we’ve seen a huge outpouring of some of our regular customers that are just excited that were kind of centrally located were not you know on the other side of town and we’ve got a lot of new customers that had never even knew who we were,” Veretto said.

And for any business owners considering moving to the mall?

“Dont count the mall out, it’s busier than they think it is and we really feel like the mall is going to make a comeback there are a lot of small businesses moving in here and the people are just really great and I would say just give it a chance because we’ve had a great five weeks so far so we’re looking forward to the future,” Veretto said.

A future both hope continues to be successful all thanks to location.

In the Mix will host a grand opening on June 20th with a ribbon cutting done by the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce Gold Coats.