When someone says they’re blessed, they’re usually referring to the supernatural.

And while that might be the case some blessings in Wichita Falls can be found in a box.

A blessing box was recently installed on Lee Street, next to the Phyllis Hiraki Dental Office.

People put non-perishable grocery items, diapers, and other supplies in the box for those who need it. Then when necessary people remove the items at any time and at no cost.

The community healthcare employee who came up with the idea says the box is never locked and though it could happen, adds she’s not really worried about the blessing box being taken advantage of.

“Our line of thinking on that is if that’s what they do, they must need it. And so, that’s on them if it’s not for the greater good. But, hopefully, it is. So, we just like to go in thinking that way,” Tanja Robinson, Community Healthcare Center Exec. Asst. said.

Robinson says they are looking into additional locations for new blessing boxes.

We’ll let you know when and if those new locations come to be.