WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — There’s a new high school coming to Wichita Falls in the fall of 2023, which may interest some parents looking for the right school for their child.

Chesterton Academy will be a Catholic high school for the Wichita Falls area with a strong emphasis on philosophy and creating an environment where students can embrace Christ.

Board members said they aim to develop articulate, well-rounded students with a distinct curriculum tailored to faith and religion, something they believe many local parents are searching for.

“I think, really, the curriculum is something that makes it really unique, as opposed to what else is being offered in the area, so I think that’s what makes it unique, and I think that’s what is going to help us to thrive,” Chesterton Academy Wichita Falls Co-Founder Jacob Morath said. “We’ve seen that in other places in the country when other schools are failing or falling behind, when they’ve switched to this classical model, they’ve really grown.”

Morath also said that the academy can help fill a gap left in local Catholic education, with last year’s closure of Notre Dame High School.

Chesterton Academy will be a classical high school with classes like Latin and Theology also being offered.

They have not chosen a building yet for the academy, but it’s something they hope to do soon.