BELLEVUE (KFDX/KJTL) — The new cornerstone is leveled, ready to go on the northeast corner of the Bellevue ISD building.

“We don’t know what’s going to make a profound impact but 100 years from now, something in these contents will make a profound impact on the people that open it, and that’s the coolest thing about a time capsule,” Grand Master of Masons in Texas Brad Billings said.

Pencils, library cards, gift cards all made it into the new cornerstone. Students gathered for the ceremony. Then, the masons collected items from students to seal away for the next century.

Bellevue Superintendent Wade Wesley said this is an opportunity for students to be a part of history.

“What an opportunity for them to lay something that someone 100 years from now might be able to find. And some of the things that was put in there are very special to those kids and even some of the adults gave something that was special to them,” Wesley said.

After discovering the old time capsule back in July 2022, Master of Masons in Texas Brad Billings led the ceremony to place the new cornerstone.

“It’s amazing to see the contents. What survived 100 years, living in this stone that was in a wall that everyone forgot about until they pulled it out,” Billings said.

Now, in 100 years, people will be wondering the same thing.

“Maybe someday when that is found, someone will enjoy that and be able to take that as well,” Wesley said.

“The idea is to put something in for future generations. And that’s what I love about the cornerstone. It’s really just another way for us to put something in there, so in 100 years from now, people will look back on what we were doing this day,” Billings said.

A Whataburger gift card was also put in the cornerstone. Do you think Whataburger will be her in 100 years? If so, somebody is getting a free meal!