New courthouse technology causes some employees to train, reapply

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A change in technology: That’s what’s scheduled to happen at the Wichita County Courthouse next month. This comes after more than 10 years of the Central Magistrate’s Office being responsible for handling paperwork for multiples courthouse offices, including the Justices of the Peace.

With new technology about to go online, essentially making the CMO paperless, there’s a concern as to what will happen to current employees. With this new technology comes new training and requirements for employees—some of those being long-time employees.

With the biggest change for the Wichita County Courthouse still yet to come with the new law enforcement center, another big change is happening right now: a new paperless system called Tyler Odyssey.

Everything’s tied to one person,” Wichita County Sheridd David Duke said. “That one person’s file, that one case. You can track it from point A to Z.

Meaning every inmate’s paperwork will now be kept digitally.
Before this new system, an inmate’s paperwork would go from department to department by hand, including the Central Magistrate’s Office which includes the justices of the peace.

“Efficient, productive, effective and people of integrity, you don’t want to lose those folks,” Justice of the Peace Janice Sons said.
Sons is referring to her colleagues working in the CMO and said things have functioned just fine.
However, the new paperless system, the CMO and the bond office are combining leading to new job requirements and training.
Those current clerks wanting to be a part of the new bond management office will have to reapply as well as get their jailer’s license which Sons said she understands.
“It’s all about change and it all is driven by the new computer system,” Sons said. All of it.” 

At a recent meeting of the Wichita County Commissioners’ Judge Woody Gossom said he would like to see all CMO employees head over to the new office.

Commissioner Jeff Watts said the openings are there.

The CMO office today has three people in there.

“We have zero people in the bond office today,” Watts said. “So, we probably are going to need a total of five people all said and done. We’re probably going to have to hire two more.”

Positions will soon be filled bringing concerns of who’s sticking around to a close.

The new system is expected to go online on July 12.

Watts said it will cost about $10,000 less a month to operate than the current system.

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