New Educational Bird Exhibit building at Wild Bird Rescue almost complete

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Construction of a new Educational Bird Exhibit Building is nearly finished after almost six months of raising money.   

Wild Bird Rescue in Wichita Falls will use this new structure to house different birds and give workers a place to educate people on various birds. 

Several birds at Wild Bird Rescue, inc. will find themselves in a new home come summertime.

“We currently can only do education programs off-site,” Ginger McConnell, Director of Rehabilitation at Wild Bird Rescue, said. 

McConnell said they have 10 birds right now that are used for educational purposes. 

“Most people don’t know about birds and they don’t see them up close,” McConnell said. “They see them out in the wild and they don’t know what to do if they see one out of the nest or injured. 
 We take 3 to 4 birds out, explain to them where they live, what they eat, how they came to us and try to just let them know what to if a bird is injured.”

And waiting for her new home to be complete, a Great Horned Owl and ambassador, named Archer. 

“She came to us from Archer County with a shoulder injury. She now has arthritis in it and would not be able to hunt or fend for herself in the wild,” McConnell said. “So she’ll stay with us the rest of her life.”

 Many of the birds, McConnell said, play a major role in the environment

“They eat the mice, insects. The vultures eat the dead on the road. So they clean up for us and take care of the things we don’t want to see,” McConnell said. 

All the birds that are rescued and rehabilitated are released, allowing them to spread their wings and fly off back into the wild. 

The Wild Bird Rescue is always in need of volunteers and monetary donations to take care of abandoned or injured birds. 

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