New Food Truck Park Could be Opening in Wichita Falls

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There could soon be more food truck park locations in Wichita Falls. The city council tomorrow will consider an ordinance amendment to allow outdoor food courts to expand beyond the downtown business district.

Kenzie Meek-Beck spoke to a business owner who asked for the possible change.

That’s right it all began when the Deli Planet approached the City back in December in hopes of starting a food truck park at their current location near the Sheppard Air Force Base front gate.

The Deli Planet, located on the north side of Wichita Falls, outside Sheppard Air Force Base has been open for about 20 years.

“Our bread and butter is the military and a lot of them come and they can’t, they don’t have cars. The bus schedule doesn’t always fit the schedule that they are working at work so for some place for them to come to and have a quality meal,” Rebecca Rutledge, Deli Planet Owner.

During the week days, many airmen walk over but weekends are hit or miss when they often go to different areas of town.

So, in order to help business on the weekends and add different food options, the Deli Planet is looking to open a food truck park behind their building.

“I think the community would be very well accepting of it just to have different variety and to be able to offer them something  and for food trucks to be able to operate in a different location in town.”

“And then to put a food truck park out back it gives a little bit more variety of places they can go. A little bit more diversity. Definitely would be a good place to go on the weekends,” Senior Airman Sean Silva, US Air Force.

But right now downtown is the only area that can have an outdoor food court or food truck park. So at Tuesday’s city council meeting leaders will consider an amendment to the code of ordinances that would allow multiple food trucks to be located beyond the downtown business district.

“We’re considering expanding the areas where food courts could go into what’s called general commercial zones,” Jim Dockery, Deputy City Manager.

Each application for an outdoor food court in the general commercial zone would have to go through a planning and zoning review process to make sure it is compatible with the area.

And Deli Planet Food Truck Park possibly opening this summer could be a natural transition for the restaurant because they already have experience with their own cafe on wheels.

For food truck parks to operate they will have to meet certain conditions including hours of operation based on how far they are from homes and nearby property owners would have to be notified in advance of the planning and zoning hearing.

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