WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With one of the longest-running stores closing down inside of Sikes Senter Mall, more and more local businesses are looking to make Sikes the home for their business.

Say cheese! One of the newest companies to move into Sikes Senter Mall is “Love Your Selfie”, owned and operated by Cody Jaster and her partner, who said they couldn’t have picked a better location for their selfie studio.

“A selfie studio is basically just a bunch of different backgrounds and rooms, so you can take, obviously selfies, but people do Instagram videos, Tiktok videos,” Jaster said.

The studio comes with several different booths that have different themes with ring lights provided. Jaster said choosing the mall to set up shop has been very beneficial.

“Obviously the mall is going to have the highest foot traffic from people who aren’t coming to specifically see us or that don’t know about us, and our hope is to also just draw people into the mall,” Jaster said.

Drawing people in to the mall is something that Operations Manager for Nexus Game Lounge Utah Robertson agreed with.

“Yeah, the move to the mall was a no brainer for us,” Robertson said. “The foot traffic alone has been an incredible pro to moving into the mall. I have people coming in daily asking what we are and what we’re doing, and people who didn’t know where we were or that we even existed half the time.”

Nexus first opened its doors back in December of last year, and just six months later, Robertson said the demand was so high for their role-playing games and other services, they had to expand into a bigger building.

“So our space has doubled in our A/C capable area, whereas at first we had a warehouse, and now we have all A/C everywhere you go, where we can give more to our members as well as increase our production facility for our 3D printing and prop building, costuming, whatever we do in our production facility,” Robertson said.

Both Robertson and Jaster said they’ve had a great experience under the new management and encouraged other local businesses to move into the mall, adding more life to a building many residents claim is on the verge of dying.

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