New Oklahoma gun law allows carry without permit

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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed his first bill into law since he took office and it affects everyone who owns or may want to own a gun in the Sooner State.

Individuals in Oklahoma will be able to carry a gun without a permit or any training courses. People who have been convicted of certain crimes will not be allowed to carry. Guns still will not be allowed in certain areas like schools, courthouses and city buildings. While some are seeing the benefits of the new law, others are concerned about safety. 

This is not the first this bill has made it to the Governor, it was vetoed by former Gov. Mary Fallin last year. 

“This time we expected it to be signed in,” Lawton Ares State Armory Try Fox said. “It’s been around for a while and there have been several different times, but there was a lot of support for it this time. It became a law pretty easily this time.”

As the owner of a gun store, Fox said this bill will bring more customers into his store. They even have promotions going on for the bill passing.

“For us, it should be a boost for business because there are people who even though the classes have been around for a while that was a barrier for a lot of people. So it will allow more people to carry to protect themselves,” Fox said.

Brandon Harris has a gun permit and said those classes, which people are no longer required to take, have been valuable

“There’s so many rules and regulations that came before,” Harris said. “I got a permit myself. If you got through that, you’ll learn a lot more about the weapons and people that don’t they just sign a paper and just get a gun that’s dangerous.”

There is some concern regarding gun safety under this new law. 

“At this time, I think everybody should go through a safety course,” Harris said. “Anybody can just mess around and get a gun not knowing what they are doing. As far as keeping them out of criminals hands I understand. As far as someone who is unexperienced with the weapons, they should at least go through some kind of safety course before signing off.”

“We still recommend that people take classes and still abide by all the gun safety laws,” Fox said.

With the state no longer requiring permits and training courses, it is up to the citizens to learn gun laws and safety on their own. 

The bill has been signed by the Governor, but it has not gone into effect yet. The law will be effective Nov. 1.

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