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The issue of finding a good water source in dry areas can be a real challenge, but a new technology could soon make things a lot easier; soon it might be a reality in a Texoma.

Zero Mass Water pulls the moisture out of the air and creates what is essentially distilled water. 

This company was started in Phoenix, Arizona, to help bring water to places that may have a hard time getting some. After working with Sheppard Air Force Base, company officials want to bring that technology to another place in the area.

Zero Mass Water uses panels like solar panels and can be used to supply water for a single household to much bigger projects.

“The basic two-panel residential system will make 600 water bottles each month,”  Zero Mass Water Director Colin Goddard said. “That will cover all the drinking water needs for a family of four on average everyday. It’s very simple if there are more needs and you need more water you can just add another panel to it and make even more water.”

The Zero Mass Water system pulls water out of the air using solar power, but it does not have to be in humid environments to work effectively

“This technology has been designed to operate in very dry, very arid conditions,” Goddard said. “The more humidity the better, but even in very low humidity areas we can still make drinking water there every single day.”

While this technology may be a little too expensive for some, it does give people who do not have easy access to water an option.

“Those areas that are not able to drill a well and get well water very easily, this could be a game changer for folks wanting to move to the country, but they couldn’t find water,” Clay County Judge Mike Campbell said. “They may have drilled a couple wells and they were both dry that changes plans. I know folks that are hauling water right now, so this may be a good option.”

The annual upkeep costs are low and the panels are easy to maintain.

“Once a year you change the air filter for $25, and you change the water polisher where it’s going to be dispensed once a year for $25,” Goddard said. “It’s pretty minimal. You just sit there and point them to the sky, point them to the sun and let them make water. Every five years you are going to change the mineral cartridge that adds the calcium and magnesium to improve the mineral content of the water.
All of this maintenance can be done in a matter of minutes and is very affordable compared to other alternatives.”

With this new technology becoming more available, the areas that struggle to get water could have an easier time getting the water they need.

Zero Mass Water plans to give away a four-panel array to a city in the area. Find more information about the system and watch the videos of how it works here.

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