WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — After approval from city councilors was passed Tuesday morning, October 3, 2023, the City of Wichita Falls will purchase five new garbage trucks.

The total cost for the five trucks is over $1.8 million, and city officials said this is accounted for in the budget annually when the fiscal year starts.

Deputy Director of Public Works Teresa Rose said trash trucks get replaced about every eight to 10 years due to high mileage and wear and tear on the trucks.

Rose said 18 trucks are plenty for the 13 routes they have per day but said sometimes it takes some moving parts due to breakdowns and maintenance, which is why the city makes the purchase annually.

“We have the ability,” Rose said. “So if one truck breaks down, you have another truck in back up, and then you also are able to cycle them out for your preventative maintenance in order to hopefully prolong the life of the truck. But, there are days where we will have five or six trucks [broken] at a time.”

While the decision was made today, Rose said it could take up to eight months before the trucks are built and put into service.