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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s not always easy to make a 90-mile round trip visit to see a specialist.

That’s where the United Regional Physician Group Bowie Clinic comes into play.

The clinic, focused on rural outreach, opened July 2020 and provides Bowie and surrounding area patients with specialist care, close to home.

Gas money, time, or trying to find transportation are all things Bowie residents don’t have to give up or deal with anymore in order to see a medical specialist.

“We have specialty groups including our orthopedics group, we have rheumatology and we have urology with the future expansion of other specialties,” URPG Orthopedic PA-C Michele Pohlmann said.

Pohlmann practices, with her orthopedics specialty team, at the URPG Bowie Clinic every other week or so.

She believes a close community clinic makes all the difference for their patients.

We can do everything that we need to do to help a patient get ready to be seen either by a surgeon here if they need surgery or to handle their non-surgical orthopedic needs,” Pohlmann said. “There are some minor procedures that we can do in the office as well and again that’s just saving them from having to come into Wichita Falls.”

The first step in becoming a Bowie clinic patient is to get a referral.

“What the patient will do is they will contact their primary care physician who will then get them a referral,” Pohlmann said. “Someone from our office there in Bowie will contact them to make the appointment for them to see their specialist.”

If you’re already a patient of one of the URPG specialists, get in touch with them and they’ll connect you with the Bowie clinic nurse.

Appointments consist of in-person with your specialist and telemedicine which means the patient still comes to the office.

“Not only do we have the ability to see you electronically, there’s actually equipment in place that we can use to do a lot of physical exam things remotely as well,” Pohlmann said.

It’s not an urgent care perse, but patients can certainly stop by to check back in even after a check-up. It’s also a place for pre and post-operative visits.

“If you’ve had surgery and maybe you have a question about a wound, rather than having to drive all the way to Wichita Falls for something that can be done very easily and quickly, you can go there and they have the technology in the Bowie clinic,” Pohlmann said. “The nurse, if she has questions, she can take a picture, she can use electronic equipment we have in place to send those pictures to send your surgeon.”

Saying goodbye to inconvenience as Bowie becomes the next best spot for specialist care.

When each specialist and their team are in Bowie varies, but the frequency will pick up as the clinic continues to grow.

Find more details on the URPG Bowie Clinic by clicking here.

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